Supporting Childrenā€™s Television: what can we learn from the UK experience?

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For 15 years, the UK has been debating a number of policy initiatives to secure childrenā€™s content for the future against market challenges. As Australia reviews its structure for childrenā€™s content, can policy be implemented that models the UKā€™s successes and avoid its failures?

ACTF Has Its Turn at Parliamentary Inquiry

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The Review of Australian and Childrenā€™s Content has only just got underway, but the key players are already making their arguments to a concurrent Inquiry into the Sustainability of the Film and Television Industry, being conducted by a House of Representatives Committee. The Committee is holding hearings around the country.
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Australian and Children’s Screen Content Review

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If you care about Australian childrenā€™s content we encourage you to contribute to the Commonwealth Governmentā€™s review of the way it supports Australian content, including childrenā€™s content.

ACMA conference kicks off the Australian content conversation

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A review into Australian and childrenā€™s content is underway and the Commonwealth Government has indicated that it will actively seek community and industry responses to the complex questions around support for Australian and childrenā€™s content in the future.