Meet Holly

2 Jun 2016

Tell us about your role at the ACTF.
I help out with any of our programs that are in development or production. Whether it’s a writer who’s interested in our funding options, or a producer who’s busy shooting, I’m here to look after the little bits and pieces that come up.

How did you get your start?

After studying screenwriting at uni I started working as a script coordinator on children’s TV series. Eventually I had the opportunity to participate in writing workshops that were in development here at the ACTF and really enjoyed the experience. I stayed in touch and then one day when I came looking for advice it turned out there was a place for me to join in and that was that!

What’s one thing that defines ‘you’?

Do puns count as a hobby? If not I’d probably have to say travelling. I lived in the UK for a couple of years and crammed in a lot of ‘weekend trips to Sweden’ where I’d leave at 6AM on a Saturday and get back at 10PM on Sunday. I love wandering around foreign cities with a camera that would suggest I’m much better at photography than I am.

If you were an ACTF character, who would you be and why?

I really enjoy being childish, so on that note… Rory from Little Lunch would be high up there because he’s always doing something weird or naughty and enjoying himself. But I’d also like to be Phillip from Lockie Leonard – for a similar reason, actually, only he’s probably smarter than he is naughty. But as a grown up, I’d like to be like Linda from Round The Twist because she’s so cool and gutsy – and Kat from Dance Academy for the same reason.



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