About the ACTF

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There are so many stories that the camera alone can’t capture. Want to know what happens in the space between creating an idea for a children’s TV program and seeing it on the screen? We go behind the scenes to explore the process of developing an idea, producing the series and all that happens beyond.


Education and media go hand-in-hand. That’s why we love digital teaching and learning in Australian schools. We want to bring you educational ideas that inspire and engage young audiences.


We have a passion for children’s TV. We have issues that we care about and want to share with you. In this section we explore the big issues in Australian children’s media. We look at the causes and effects of these issues,  and show you how to get involved to solve them.


Friends and fans – this is a space for you! Chill out at the Wakadoo Cafe, a bustling community hub where people who love growing up with Australian children’s TV programs come together.


Want to know a little more about the people behind the big, yellow smiley? Step inside the lighthouse and explore as we introduce our friendly team.