Ella Barton

ACTF Production Assistant

Ella Barton is the assistant to the ACTF’s Head of Development and Production, Bernadette O’Mahony, and handles the day-to-day administrative tasks of the Production department. Ella is also the first point of call for funding and script enquiries.

Northern Pictures Serves up Hardball

Northern Pictures’ funny and energetic kids’ drama series Hardball bounced onto the ABC this April. For Executive Producer Catherine Nebauer and Producer Joe Weatherstone, embarking on a kids’ drama series was a journey of mutual respect, support and shared creative vision.

Puppeteer, Peter Wilson: 41 Years of Bringing Kids’ TV Characters to Life

Have you ever wondered what kind of magical authority brought EC to life? (No, it wasn’t the power of your nightmares). The life force behind the gentle, faceless doll was Peter Wilson, who worked as Head Puppeteer for the first season of Lift Off! and whose career in puppetry has since spanned over 41 years.