Five Australian kids’ TV episodes to spook your students with this Halloween

Will Hall
26 Oct 2023

Halloween is nearly upon us, and we’ve rounded up five of our spookiest episodes for your class.

Behind the thrills, spills, ghosts and ghouls, learning how to face our fears is a fundamental part of growing up. From social rejection, moving away from our friends, natural disasters and what happens to us after death, this list offers a broad selection of episodes to share with your classroom as a special way to celebrate Halloween while exploring common childhood fears – and some strategies for navigating them.

Little Lunch: ‘The Halloween Horror Story’ (rated G)

Mrs. Gonsha’s class stages a Halloween-themed play for school assembly. After one of the actors goes missing, the class learns that not all terrors are about haunted houses and ghosts. The Little Lunch Halloween Special is a great way to teach children about how to cope with everyday fears associated with a big change like moving overseas. 

Stream it now on ABC iview or download to own from the ACTF website.

Worst Year of My Life, Again! Series 2, Episode 10 (rated PG)

In this episode of Worst Year of My Life, Again! Alex and Simon dress-up in scary costumes for Halloween. Alex has a plan to impress the girl of his dreams, but it all depends on an invitation to a very exclusive Halloween Party. This episode shows young adults that some of their fears might be a little closer to home. Worst Year includes resilient characters and absurdist humour to bring some lightness to those challenging high-school years. 

Download Worst Year of My Life, Again! from the ACTF website.

Crazy Fun Park Series 1, Episode 6: ‘This Is Halloween’ (rated PG)

This is a good one for hearkening back to Halloween’s pagan roots: a night where the barrier between the world of the living and the dead is at its weakest. In Crazy Fun Park, we get a heartbreaking glimpse into what that would be like for those on the other side. The whole series is a great way to introduce children and young adults to the challenging experiences of grief and loss through a lens of humour.

Stream it on ABC iview or download it to own from the ACTF website.

Round The Twist – Series 1, Episode 10: ‘Know All’ (rated G)

This episode is nightmare-fuel, commencing with a seaborne chest filled with circus costumes washing ashore to a backdrop of discordant circus music. Naturally, the family decides to dress their neglected scarecrow in a likely-haunted clown costume. The scarecrow then comes to life and terrorises Linda by chasing her around the lighthouse. This episode is perhaps best viewed simply for the thrill, rather than any teachable moments!

Stream now on the ACTF’s Twisted Lunchbox YouTube channel or download it to own from the ACTF website.

Round The Twist – Series 3, Episode 9: ‘Toy Love’ (rated G)

Cursed doll. Need I say more? During some spring cleaning, a cursed and vengeful doll is threatened with the prospect of good-will after Linda decides she has outgrown dolls. The cursed doll begins to follow her everywhere demanding cuddles. ‘Toy Love’ shows how growing up is a process, rather than simply a decision that you make one day. Irrational fears are a good reminder to us all that we may not be as grown up as we think.

Stream now on the ACTF’s Twisted Lunchbox YouTube channel or download it to own from the ACTF website.


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