Summer holiday viewing for you and your kids

Will Hall
15 Dec 2023

Parents, put your feet up this summer and enjoy some lighthearted co-viewing with your kids. Our list has content to entertain every age group these school holidays.

Kangaroo Beach and the Kangaroo Beach summer special

As we wait for the release of its third series, kids can enjoy the first two seasons of Kangaroo Beach and the summer special again these holidays.

Lifeguard cadets Pounce, Frizzy, Gemma and Neville are on patrol for the summer, learning about water safety and having fun along the way. This is a colourful, engaging show for preschoolers with a powerful water safety message in each 12-minute episode.

Little J & Big Cuz

For kids starting school next year, Little J & Big Cuz was created in part to help preschoolers with school readiness. With help from their Nanna and Miss Chen, Little J and Big Cuz learn about the routines and expectations of primary school as well as learning about community, culture and country. This is another heart-warming show that highlights the importance of culture, community and country, with Indigenous characters front and centre.

The Deep S4

Back for its fourth series, The Deep is a brilliant animated series about a family of deep-sea explorers. It’s a real adventure packed with mysteries, monsters and heart-warming morals.

Created for primary school aged kids, there’s something for the whole family in this show, brought together with compelling plotlines and impressive animation design.

Barrumbi Kids

This heartwarming coming-of-age story follows the lives of two best friends, Dahlia and Tomias, as they navigate life in Arnhem land and learn valuable lessons about country. Barrumbi Kids was created in collaboration with the local community and prioritises the representation of Indigenous characters and voices. This warm and funny series was recently recognised for its engaging storytelling with a first prize win at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

Built to Survive

Winner of the 2023 International Emmy for Best Factual Kids’ Series, Built to Survive is an action-packed outdoor adventure that the entire family will enjoy. Join Phil Breslin as he introduces you to some of Australia’s toughest animals. Each episode showcases a different Australian ecosystem and the creatures who live there.

The PM’s Daughter S2

Cat is a teenager like any other, except for one tiny detail: her mother is the Prime Minister. Along with her best friends Sadie and Ollie, Cat navigates life in the spotlight while dealing with the usual teen issues like crushes, school internships and establishing her own identity, and the not so usual teen issues, like investigating plots against her mum.

Teenagers will love Cat’s fiery independence and sarcastic comebacks, and parents will relate to the tricky dynamic between a mother and her adolescent child.

Crazy Fun Park

Since its premiere in early 2023, Crazy Fun Park has been taking the world by storm. The comedy-horror series, in which a Year 12 boy befriends a group of teenage ghosts at an abandoned fun park, is a unique mix of the absurd and the macabre with some valuable lessons about friendship and grief.

Crazy Fun Park is made for teens but grown ups will love this one too for its cheeky humour and pop culture references.


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