The Countdown Begins For The Dance Academy Movie!

26 Jan 2017

Excitement is building for many fans across Australia as the April release of the Dance Academy feature film approaches.

Dance Academy: The Movie continues the story of global phenomenon, Dance Academy.

Former ballet student Tara Webster was destined to become one of the top dancers of her generation before a devastating injury crippled her career.

Over the last eighteen months she has tried to move on and embrace life as a university student but cannot get over her dream of dancing professionally.

Haunted by her past, by the night she was injured, Tara embarks on a near impossible comeback, leaving her life and love behind in Sydney, determined to prove to the ballet world (not to mention herself) she still has what it takes.

In a Facebook behind-the-scenes trailer, Dance Academy Producer/Executive Producer Joanna Werner said the pacing of a feature film provided time to perfect the characters stories as they step up into the professional world of dancing.

“A dance scene that we spent the whole day filming we would’ve done before morning tea, just because of the pace of television…So to be able to have the time to shoot take after take was demanding on our actors, but they did a beautiful job,” she said.

Writer/co-creator Samantha Strauss said: “The characters didn’t want to let us go, they sort of wanted to live on.”

For thousands of excited fans, the countdown has already begun. Dance Academy – The Movie is officially released in Australian cinemas April 6.





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