Profile piece: Kyas Hepworth, NITV Head of Commissioning and Programming

Kyas Hepworth is responsible for driving the creative direction of NITV's distinctive offering across commissioned and acquired content and overseeing its programming and scheduling to bring it to audiences. Ahead of the premiere of the third season of award-winning children’s animation Little J & Big Cuz, we sat down with Kyas to find out more about her goals for NITV children’s content, why it’s important for Indigenous children to see themselves reflected on screen, and – of course – what our favourite cousins Little J and Big Cuz get up to in Season 3.

Emma Field

Kickstart Conversations about Disability with ACTF-Supported Content

International Day of People with Disability is held annually on 3 December to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability, and to celebrate their achievements and contributions. The following children’s content and resources will support teachers in guiding classroom conversations on disability, inclusion and accessibility.

Janine Kelly