Dr. Anna Potter

Senior Researcher at the University of Queensland

Dr Anna Potter spent ten years working in the commercial television industry in London for Rupert Murdoch’s PAY TV operation BSkyB, where she specialised in program production and classification.

Her main research interests include the production and distribution of children’s television, the use of program formats and the production practices of transnational independent production companies. Anna has published in high quality international journals such as Media International Australia, the International Journal of Cultural Studies and the International Journal of Learning.

Why It’s Time to End the Policy Limbo Threatening Australian Children’s TV

Amid recent and ongoing government reviews into the future of local screen content, uncertainty reigns on issues such as the impact of Netflix and other streaming services, the fate of local content quotas and funding for original local children’s TV more generally.

As Local Networks Retreat, Netflix is Filling the Gap in Teen TV

By creating and distributing live action drama for a teenage audience, Netflix is targeting a demographic that Australian broadcasters have almost entirely abandoned.

The Slow Death of Australian Children’s TV Drama

Writing for The Conversation, Anna Potter and Huw Walmsley-Evans from the University of the Sunshine Coast warn that "kids’ TV in this country is in a dire state."

Lasting Memories of Australian Children’s Television

The Memory Project is a research project investigating how adults remember the Australian children’s TV they watched when they were young and how it contributed to their understanding of life in Australia.