Julia Fimiani

ACTF Legal and Policy Assistant

Julia’s roles at the ACTF include research into children’s television at both a local and international level as well as other policy related research. Additionally, she also assists with legal matters.

Australia Is Not Alone in Navigating the Future of Kids’ TV

Across the globe, children’s television is entering uncharted territory. As countries approach the same crossroads, it’s time to draw upon our shared experiences to pave a path forward for the future. A new world for kids’ TV is out there – let’s explore it together, writes ACTF Research and Executive Assistant, Julia Fimiani.

Taking Australian Stories to the World: Kids’ TV as a Soft Power Asset

The Australian children’s television industry has been making a major contribution to Australia’s soft power diplomacy for more than three decades. Given the value of Australian children’s screen content to Australia’s soft power diplomacy efforts, we hope that there continues to be support for its creation and its ability to be showcased to the world.

ACTF Defends Children’s TV at Content Inquiry

The time is now to secure a lasting future for Australian children's media. We must fight for content that challenges and informs, beyond the scope of reality TV.

Supporting Kids’ TV: What Can We Learn from the UK?

For 15 years, the UK has been debating a number of policy initiatives to secure children’s content for the future against market challenges. As Australia reviews its structure for children’s content, can policy be implemented that models the UK’s successes and avoid its failures?