Behind the Scenes

Producer Insight – Melinda Wearne, The Content Agency

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In a Q&A interview with the ACTF, Melinda Wearne, Head of Production at The Content Agency talks about her love of film and television and how it all started with ET! The Content Agency is the production company behind the pre-school live-action series Hoopla Doopla! - an exciting co-production between the ABC and CCTV in China, and distributed internationally by the ACTF.

Children’s TV in the big, wide, world

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In 2014 on a cold night in a beloved British beach town called Brighton, some friends and I were becoming exasperated by Netflix’s audacious library of options. We were almost ready for an early night. Then we found exactly what we needed - & what we needed was Round The Twist.

Why I Support Australian Children’s Television

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The value in supporting Australia's film and television industry to provide programs for children is not simple industry protectionism – it is an investment in our culture, a statement about the type of country we want our children to grow up in and a means to inspire children to dream Australian dreams.