Holly Tosi

Former ACTF Production Assistant

Holly is the first point of call for funding and script enquiries. She also manages the day to day administrative tasks of the ACTF’s Production department.

A Voyage through Time: Australian Children’s Sci-Fi

Sci-fi series are able to whisk audiences away from their normal lives and transport them to amazing, alternative worlds. Let's travel back to the peak of Aussie kids' sci-fi to explore what makes this genre so stellar.

Producer Profile: Lah-Lah Productions

If you were to ask a young, Aussie, music-mad child, they’d quickly tell you Lah-Lah is a pretty big deal. Whether it's encouraging children to get up and dance with Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band, or producing television programs that bring music to the screen, producers Tina and Mark Harris have been busy building something special.

Producer Profile: Pirate Size Productions

Kidscreen 2018 will be Pirate Size's first appearance as a production company and with many exciting new projects to pitch, this passionate team is hoping to make a big splash.

How do we Protect Aussie Kids’ TV? Let’s Start with ‘the Q Word’

For the room full of passionate producers at SPA Screen Forever this year, the fight to save children’s television is not over.

Is PG the New G?

Holly Tosi examines the conservatism creeping into the OFLC classifications system.

The Career of Joanna Werner, and How Dance Academy Remains ‘en pointe’

Since her humble beginning, Producer Joanna Werner’s career trajectory has moved forward in leaps and bounds. Now Joanna is revisiting her roots to bring the highly successful TV series Dance Academy to the silver screen.

World War, Y? Millennials Aren’t Here to Take Over the Screen Industry

To the attendees of the Screen Forever panel: ‘Millennials – WTF do they want and HTF do we work with them?’ we offer a simple solution. Offer us a seat at the table, and we’ll be more than happy to break bread.

Are Commercial Broadcasters the Missing Link in Children’s TV?

Screen Forever panel ‘Children’s Of the Future’ shines a light on why locally made children’s TV is good for business.

Children’s TV in the Big, Wide World

In 2014 on a cold night in a beloved British beach town called Brighton, some friends and I were becoming exasperated by Netflix’s audacious library of options. We were almost ready for an early night. Then we found exactly what we needed - & what we needed was Round The Twist.

Industry Profile: Jeffrey Walker

In 1992 Jeffrey Walker played a boy who was cultivating his pungent foot odour to save an endangered turtle. Today he’s in New York directing the highly anticipated feature film Dance Academy – The Movie.