Peter Maggs

ACTF Head of Education

Peter Maggs is the Head of Education at the ACTF.  Peter’s main role has been to empower teachers and children to become innovative, creative and collaborative digital participants.

ACTF Education 2018 – Year in Review

2018 was a bumper year for diverse new ACTF content, curriculum resources, professional development, student webinars and school participation in the My Place Story Writing and Little Lunch App competitions.

Dance Academy Movie Webinar for students Australia-wide

It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia the sense of excitement in the lead-up to the release of the Dance Academy movie is palpable. Joanna Werner (Producer) and Alicia Banit (Cast member) experienced this first hand with students from around the country.

Little Lunch and Australia’s Most Recognised School

If you showed a random group of American or British 10-year-olds a photo of the historic St. Kilda Primary School building situated in inner-city Melbourne the chances are that at least a couple would tell you, “That’s the Little Lunch school I’ve seen on Netflix!”

EduTECH – It’s all about the ‘Why’?

The EduTECH International Congress and Expo in Brisbane is on any scale a big event. The best and the brightest in the tech world come to showcase, discuss and debate how teaching and learning can be enhanced through the effective use of digital technology in the classroom.