Jenny Buckland


Formerly the General Manager and Marketing Manager of the ACTF, Jenny has extensive experience in television distribution, business, financial and legal affairs. It was Jenny who originally floated the proposal for an Australian children’s digital television channel, which culminated in the establishment of ABC3 in 2009.

Open Sesame: the real treasure lies in Australian content

A campaign has been launched to bring US juggernaut Sesame Street to the Sunshine State. But why try to tap into American series when we have internationally-recognised, quality-made, local children's programming on our own shores? 

2018 shaping up to be a critical year for Australian children’s television

Although commercial broadcasters may be seeking to wash their hands of mandated children’s TV quotas, ACTF CEO Jenny Buckland argues the way forward lies in reform, not abandonment.

ACMA conference kicks off the Australian content conversation

A review into Australian and children’s content is underway and the Commonwealth Government has indicated that it will actively seek community and industry responses to the complex questions around support for Australian and children’s content in the future.

When broadcasters cut costs on local TV content, it’s the children who pay

The Commonwealth Government is preparing to launch a wide-ranging review of the Australian Content Standards. Even before the official announcement, the commercial broadcasters wasted no time making it clear that children’s television was their preferred target.