Lily Pavlovic

ACTF Digital Communications Officer and Education Coordinator

Lily manages Digital Communications, including content creation for the ACTF’s website, eNewsletters, social media profiles and blog. For Education, Lily coordinates webinars and professional learning events. She also provides administrative support for the development and delivery of education resources.

Behind The News’ Missing Candle

Beloved kids’ news program, Behind the News has hit a milestone as one of the longest running youth programs on Australian television. Although it’s reached almost 50 years of programming, tight budgets have seen the party cut short.

Esben Storm: A Legacy That Lives On

Esben Storm was an actor, screenwriter, television and film director. He left an extraordinary legacy and a meaningful impact on Australian television and its audience, particularly for children.

Morris Gleitzman: 2018 Australian Children’s Laureate

Beloved Australian children’s author, Morris Gleitzman, began telling stories for children via television, before he moved to books. Whether for screen or print, he has always written stories from the heart. Now, he’s sharing his love for storytelling, and encouraging young Australians to do the same.

Looking out for the small fries: Is it time to reconsider junk food advertising during prime time?

Commercial broadcasters claim that kids are making the switch from children’s programming to adult lifestyle and entertainment TV. Does this mean it’s time for a reality check on advertising content during prime time?

ACTF Has Its Turn at Parliamentary Inquiry

The Review of Australian and Children’s Content has only just got underway, but the key players are already making their arguments to a concurrent Inquiry into the Sustainability of the Film and Television Industry, being conducted by a House of Representatives Committee. The Committee is holding hearings around the country.