Janine Kelly

ACTF Curriculum Officer

An experienced primary teacher with a passion for children’s programs and their educational potential, Janine produces teaching and learning resources which complement ACTF content and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. She provides support for teachers using ACTF materials through workshops, seminars and outreach to schools. Janine has worked in a range of educational settings, including both primary and secondary schools in Australia and overseas.

First Day’s Julie Kalceff and Evie MacDonald on Diverse Media Representation

ACTF Education's live webinars enable teachers and students Australia-wide to connect with industry professionals and expertise, regardless of their school’s location. In our most recent video conference, students from around the country met First Day writer / director Julie Kalceff, and lead actress Evie MacDonald. Here's what was discussed in this compelling Q&A. 

The Invisible Australian Christmas

Why is it that Australian preschoolers spend their hot December days watching snowy fields and frosty snowmen on TV, when we’re really spending our holidays around barbecues, at the beach, or playing cricket in the backyard? This festive season, we’re wishing for more local experiences of Christmas represented on screen.

5 Reasons Why Parents Will Love Bluey

Ludo Studio’s delightful animated preschool series Bluey premiered on ABC Kids this month, and my four-year old daughter is its second biggest fan. Following me. Parents of Australia, here are five reasons why you will genuinely enjoy Bluey as much as your children will.