Why I Support Australian Children’s Television

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The value in supporting Australia's film and television industry to provide programs for children is not simple industry protectionism – it is an investment in our culture, a statement about the type of country we want our children to grow up in and a means to inspire children to dream Australian dreams.
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Born Ready for This and More

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Often, while I was sitting at the front desk of the ACTF, actors, actresses, producers, directors, writers (some 'would bes' and others quite famous) would visit the office. It was equally awkward and exciting.
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Industry Profile – Jeffrey Walker

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Photograph of Jeffrey Walker

In 1992 Jeffrey Walker played a boy who was cultivating his pungent foot odour to save an endangered turtle. Today he’s in New York directing the highly anticipated feature film Dance Academy – The Movie.

EduTECH – It’s all about the ‘Why’?

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The EduTECH International Congress and Expo in Brisbane is on any scale a big event. The best and the brightest in the tech world come to showcase, discuss and debate how teaching and learning can be enhanced through the effective use of digital technology in the classroom.

Is this Australia’s biggest kids TV collector?

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Plushies. VHSs. Albums. Coffee Mugs. Toys, games and DVDs. At just 17 years of age, Sydney’s Joseph Marshall has an accumulation of children’s television memorabilia that could rival the most seasoned of collectors.
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Six Things I Discovered At Prix Jeunesse

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Prix Jeunesse has been running every two years in Munich since 1964. Its aim is to promote quality television for children worldwide – “television that enables children to see, hear and express themselves and their culture, and that enhances an awareness and appreciation of other cultures.”
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Video On Demand Demands More

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Observers of the television industry know that in April and October every year television broadcasters, producers, distributors, executives, and all those from associated industries, descend on Cannes from all over the globe to buy and sell screen content. A MIPTV reflection.
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The Creative Landscape Of SXSW 

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Flash flooding couldn’t dampen the spirits of thousands of filmmakers, entrepreneurs, geeks and music lovers who rolled into Texas for the 30th SXSW Festival. The festival didn’t disappoint - thanks to some big brands, big discussions and big names… and you can’t get much bigger than POTUS.
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If She Can See It, She Can Be It

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Academy Award winning actress Geena Davis delivered a powerful keynote at the KidScreen Summit about the need to improve gender balance, reduce stereotyping and create inspiring and identifiable female characters in children’s television.