Australian Children's Television Foundation

For the past three decades, the ACTF has helped to develop children’s television policy; distribute and invest in Australian children’s television series; support new, innovative and entertaining children’s media; and develop valuable screen resources for the education sector.

Suzanne Ryan: Producer Profile

SLR Productions has announced the cast for its futuristic series, Space Nova. But what does it take to get to this point? Come behind the scenes to find out about the extraordinary three-year journey to develop and finance a children’s series.

What Critics are Saying about The Inbestigators

It’s only been a few short months since Australian children’s series The Inbestigators made its national debut on the ABC, and even less time since its launch on Netflix to the rest of the world. Already, this detective series for kids is receiving rave reviews.

‘With challenges comes the opportunity to learn’: A Work Experience Reflection

As an organisation that is passionate about children’s cultural and educational experiences, the ACTF greatly values student work experience programs. Introducing teens to the world of work – often for the first time – is a privilege, and we always aim to make this experience meaningful and inspiring.

IMDB and Wikipedia are Wrong: Round The Twist Did NOT Premiere 30 Years Ago this April

A whole year off the mark, how is it that the Internet has got Round The Twist's 30-year anniversary so wrong — and why can no one remember when this iconic program went to air? It’s because in Australia, Round The Twist was buried. Here’s the story behind it.

‘Like Coming Home’

Crash Zone’s Nikolai Nikolaeff revisits the world of OzKidsTV and tells us how kids' TV kick-started his international career. “It’s a cultural treasure, this place… kids around the world need content like this to learn to interact with each other and to develop as people. I think it’s really important.”

Why Is Australian Children’s Content So Important?

Although Australian children’s television is the most vulnerable form of Australian content, it has the best story to tell and provides the greatest public benefit. Here’s why Australian children’s television is so important.

Luke Carroll’s Lift Off! Memories

“It didn’t seem weird at the time.” In the '90s, faceless dolls, talking elevators and all-seeing plants were just normal parts of growing up Australian. Actor Luke Carroll remembers his time on the wacky and lovable OzKidsTV series, Lift Off!.

‘A Voice is Not Enough’: Championing Children’s Rights Online

In a powerful keynote address at the 2018 Children’s Media Conference, screen director Beeban Kidron explains why we must fight for the rights of children and young people in a digital world. 

Our Favourite OzKidsTV Fan Art

Australian children’s television holds a special place in many hearts around the world. We've scoured the web to bring together some of the #OzKidsTV fan art and tributes we love.

The Storyteller, by Tony Morphett

Storytelling is one of the oldest and one of the most common of all human traits. It is also one of the strangest and one of the least understood.

Peter and Janine bring actors back to school

In this Q&A with the ACTF’s Head of Education, Peter Maggs and Curriculum Officer, Janine Kelly, we learn how the ACTF Education team connect schools with the stars.

Roberta and Tim divvy up the world

In this Q&A with International Sales Managers, Roberta Di Vito and Tim Hegarty, we learn how the ACTF Sales Team work together to sell Australian television series across the globe.

ACTF’s Top Posts of 2017

During 2017, the ACTF played a pivotal role in supporting distinctly Australian programs, and advocating for the support mechanisms required to produce locally-made children's television. As another exciting year begins, we have rounded up our most read posts of 2017.

Heidi Arena on the importance of Australian stories for children

Heidi Arena (Mrs Gonsha) from Little Lunch delivers a lesson on the importance of stories for children on Australian screens.

Australian and Children’s Screen Content Review

If you care about Australian children’s content we encourage you to contribute to the Commonwealth Government’s review of the way it supports Australian content, including children’s content.

The Countdown Begins For The Dance Academy Movie!

Excitement is building for many fans across Australia as the April release of the Dance Academy feature film approaches.

Why Australian Stories Matter: From The Cast Of Little J and Big Cuz

Watch Miranda Tapsell, Deborah Mailman and fellow cast talk about why it’s important to make a show like Little J and Big Cuz - that young indigenous kids can relate to - and how it might help close the education gap